Saturday, June 30, 2012


How about some spirituality?

Acrilic on paper....

Share Away

Have you heard of Kukies Basket?
It is a new craft supplying shop. They are hosting a Share Away Basket. Want to know more....
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Metallic Tree


I am back in Guntur!!!
My daughter's school has started. Since she is going to a new school from this year, some adjustments for both of us......
Am doing a bit of drawing... mostly sketching, and some quilling too..... hopefully will be able to post it before I leave for Mysore for exams... Oh yes I have to start reading for my exams tooo( some 14 days are left for exams :P )

I had made this one in April. Ya ya I know ...I am lagging behind a lot in updating the works I have been doing.  I have to upload a few drawings that I did in Decmber last year.. (hehe).....
I have made this tree using paper quilling strips. I have used metallic colors for this one. Though you cannot make it out here I have used silver, copper and gold colors.
I want to frame this one.Will post a photo if and when I frame it up :D