Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creating success around the world

Welcome to the Creating Around the World BlogHop, which introduces to the artsy and creative people around the world.

The hosts for this month's Blog Hop are,
Suzy from the USA
Jill from Australia
Leigh in the UK
Deepthi in Asia ....That's me :)

Hey welcome all to creating success around the world blog hop. This is my last week as a host and I enjoyed this a lot :).
Today's guest is very special . She had interviewed me a few months ago and it feels great to be interviewing her :)
Hi Janelle!! Tell us about you.


Hi everyone and thank you Deepthi for inviting me here. It feels great to be on the other side of the interview today. My name is Janelle, I'm from the Philippines and I share my projects at my blog, Of Pinks and Fairy Tales ( I have a full-time job, and a toddler, but I spend every free time I get working on whatever craft I'm into currently. I share my projects over at my blog. I already went through several craft phases: paper craft, sewing, decorating, crochet... name it and I have probably considered it at least once. When I find myself with more free time, I try to prepare tutorials for my readers. I'm currently into digital scrapbooking, so if you visit my blog now, you will see that almost all of my recent posts are about the layouts I make and share on different digital scrapbooking forums. But my old projects and tutorials are still there, and you can browse through them if you're looking for some inspiration.

Yes your blog is totally filled up with digital works nowadays :) 
 Tell us something about your country .

Have you guys heard about our recent tourism campaign slogan? "It's more fun in the Philippines." And I can seriously vouch for that. Almost all provinces can boast of some tourist attraction: white sand beaches, caves, waterfalls, forests and a lot of festivals. You can go surfing, hiking, island hopping, relax at a first class spa resort with a beautiful view of pristine blue waters of the Pacific.
I admit though... it can get a little hot here. Ok, a lot hot! Like right now because it's summer here. 

Right now it's too hot in India too. 
What kinds of things do you like making or craft projects you like working on?

It changes :) I mentioned already that I must have gone through several craft phases already. For a time I did paper crafts... and I bought a lot of brass templates for embossing, parchment and ink for parchment craft. I got tired of it after a while. And then I started making bead jewelry. This one I turned into a business and I had my online store, Designs by Janelle, for about 2 years. That went really well. But inspiration started to dry up and I slowly lost interest so I closed the store eventually. Then came sewing. I bought my first sewing machine in 2010 and my inspiration to start learning was my daughter. I wanted to learn how to make dresses for her. I think that went well too.. I know my sewing still needs a lot of improvement but I'm happy that I learned enough of this skill. And then I went into crochet. When Rachel of Maybe Matilda had her crochet-along last year, I eagerly joined. I learned enough to follow some patterns, but after working on projects for a while, your fingers tend to stiffen and sore. So after finishing some projects for Christmas, I decided to give it a rest... and during that rest, I ventured into digital scrapbooking. And I'm still so much into digital scrapbooking now.  

What inspires your creations?
Easy. My daughter. Almost every craft I ventured into after I had her was for her.

Wow That was quick!!!!! And with soooo cute a daughter like yours, one could be sure that your crafts will turn out beautiful!! 
Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? And is it profitable?

I  used to sell the jewelry I make, when I had my online store. And that business was doing well. But making stuff to sell and running a store can take so much time and that I don't have much of anymore, since I work full-time and I have a daughter now, so right now, no, I don't sell anything.